Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing?

In India internet users are more than 34 crores approx as per records 2015.  Now a days every one is becoming digital and trying to use gadgets like Computers, Laptops, Android phones.  Digital marketing gives you a platform to reach to every single person who is looking for the service which you provide. It reduces the unnecessary cost expenditure occurs on people which are not looking for the same. There are multiple platforms in Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing and their charges and accessibility also vary.

Digital Marketing you can call it a concept or a tradition, or a fashion to go digital but this is really rocking the world by storm. Entire world is emerging into one single e Society.This concept which is rapidly emerging and is aggressively adopted internationally for marketing success. In today’s real world social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and our dear search giant Dr. Google have successfully transformed the attitudes and perceptions of consumers and in the end revolutionized many businesses. This is being done through measurable vast network of customers with trustworthy data and real-time feedback of customer experiences.

Traditional Marketing versus Digital Marketing
Traditional Marketing v/s Digital Marketing


Marketing has been around for a long time. Business owners felt the need to spread the word about their product or services through newspaper, pamphlets, radio and television. Let remind you all these traditional marketing activities are very costly.  Digital marketing on the other hand is becoming so popular that even sitting at a remote place with just one laptop and internet you can reach your potential customers. We at Kluug Digital make it even more cost efficient. This doesn’t stop here you can reach out to your customer on a zip code basis forget about city or country.

Traditional Marketing

In a Traditional Marketing, people are still using platforms to advertise their business’s products and services such as Television, Radio, News Paper, Word of Mouth, Magazines, Announcement, Leaflet, Postcards and many more, which are not affordable to use all these platform for small and medium business. Because it has some restrictions like cost, region, area and also difficult to track the customer’s engagement and interested people in this type of marketing.

Digital Marketing V/s Traditional Marketing - Kluug Digital

Previously people were using this marketing strategy for promote their business product and services. This is competitively very costly and people are unable to use all these platforms. Even they are not able to afford all these platform. The costing for some of these are as below,

Charges of Digital Marketing services - Kluug Digital - The SMART Solutions

Digital Marketing

Whereas in Digital Marketing you can use multiple tools, to promote your business and create your brand awareness. You can avail this at  very cheap/low cost as compare to Traditional Marketing. In just a single click you can advertise your business locally and or globally. You can get the data of interested customers in your product and services and also number of visitors to your website. Platform in this type of marketing are Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Google AdWords, Landing Page and many more.



Get in touch with us and see how your business is growing with real time tracking. Kluug Digital not only helps to grow businesses we also help to grow individuals in a very cost efficient manner. We only charge for the results not for the work.

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